Jazz internet Packages, Jazz Net Packages 3G & 4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly (Full Detials)

Jazz Internet Packages, Jazz Net Packages 3G & 4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Jazz is one of the telecommunications network providers in Pakistan. With huge coverage across the country, Jazz has more than fifty million users. Although the company has such a large customer base, its services have always been advanced and they have always met customer needs.

Like all other telecommunications companies, Jazz offers a variety of Internet packages for all of its customers. So, what’s different about Jazz Mobilink Internet packages? Read on to know:

Jazz prepaid 3G, and 4G Internet packages

There are many jazz prepaid Internet packages. In addition to 2G, Mobilink offers Jazz prepaid 3G and prepaid 4G packages for its customers. From day today, the company offers many Internet packages to suit its customers. Let’s take a look at them all.

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 3G / 4G Daily, Weekly and Monthly All List and Complete Information. How to Subscribe, Status, MBs, GB Check Cods and Price …

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Jazz internet Packages
Jazz Internet Packages

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

There are two Jazz Net Packages daily. Jazz Daily Browser Package and Mobilink Social Package.

1-Day Daily Social PackageRs  7500MBs for Facebook and WhatsApp only1 Day *114*5#
1-Day Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs  7.210MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS1 Day *334#
1-Day Daily Social Recursive PackageRs 5.98200MB for Facebook & WhatsApp1 Day *455#
1-Day Daily Peak-Off-PeakRs 24100MB for 24 hours, 1100MB for (2:00 AM to 2:00 PM)1 Day *117*4#
1-Day Daily BrowserRs 11.9550MB1 Day *117*11#
Jazz Hourly net PkgRs 20.322000MBNext 2 Hours *846#

Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

Plan to be out for 3 days and you want to stay in touch with everyone on your social media and also browse the web or watch videos on the go. Or, you just want a Jazz Internet package that has a good volume (in terms of MBS) and lasts 3 days at a low price. Then these are for you!

Three Day BrowserRs 25100MB3 Day (24 Hours) *117*1#
Three Day ExtremeRs 18500MBThree Day (Valid Only for 2 AM to 2 PM) *114*14#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

You can stay online with these amazing jazz weekly internet packages, upload / download your favorite songs, learn/read your favorite blogs, stay connected to social media or even YouTube. To see you all week. All handsets, including those capable of 2G / 3G / 4G, will run these packages without difficulty.

7 Dyas Weekly SocialRs 605 GBS (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook7 Days*660#
7 Dyas Weekly YoutubeRs 805 GBs Youtube Data7 Days*570#
7 Dyas Jazz Weekly StreamerRs 951GB Data7 Days*117*7#
7 Dyas Weekly PremiumRs 1473GBs7 Days*117*47#
7 Dyas Weekly MegaRs 2007GBs7 Days *159#
7 Dyas Weekly Mega PlusRs 250Total 20 GB (10GBs Only from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)7 Days *453#
7 Dyas Weekly-ExtremeRs 71.72500MB (Valid for 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)7 Days *117*14#
7 Dyas Weekly PlusRs 21012GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)7 Days *157#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

You want “sakoon for the whole month”? Have enough internet data/volume to keep you online for the whole month? These monthly Jazz internet packages are for you

30 Days Jazz Monthly Browser PackagePK 1504 GB (2GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*77#
30 Days Jazz Monthly Mega PackageRs 3758 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days *117*31#
30 Days Jazz Monthly Mega PlusRs 60012 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days *117*30#
30 Days Jazz Monthly Supreme PackageRs 88520GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 Days*117*32#
30 Days Jazz Monthly Extreme PackageRs 1205000MBs(2 AM-2 PM) 30 Day *117*34#

Jazz 4G Data SIM Internet Packages

Are you looking for jazz internet sim packages in 2020? Here are all the internet packages that you can subscribe to and activate on your jazz internet devices.

30 Days Monthly Internet Basic PackageRs 99925GB (15GB 1am-9am)30 Days *117*71#
30 Days  Monthly Internet RegularRs 150060GB (30GB 1am-9am)30 Days *117*73#
30 Days  Monthly Internet HeavyRs 2500150GB (75GB 1am-9am)30 Days *117*74#
30 Days  SocialRs 1506GB (Facebook & WhatsApp Only)30 Days *117*45#
30 Days Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM PackageRs 60015GB (7.5 1AM – 9AM)30 Days *117*35#
30 Days Monthly Internet MegaRs 2000100GB (50 1AM – 9AM)30 Days *117*36#

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 4G

You are a Jazz’s postpaid subscriber, these postpaid internet packages are for you. Here’s how to get them!

30 Days Streamere PackageeRs 2502GB30 Days *446#
30 Days Premiumm PackageeRs 5005GB30 Days*446#
30 Days Supremee PackageeRs 80014GB30 Days *446#
30 Days Superr PackageeRs 120024GB30 Days *446#
30 Days Ultimatee PackageeRs 220050GB30 Days *446#

All prices are inclusive of taxes. If you’ve subscribed to one of these two bundles, you’ll need to re-subscribe after 24 hours if needed. None of these bundles will be automatic. In the event of overuse, you will be charged. 1 / MB

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The Jazz Weekly Internet Package is useful for users who are keen Internet users and are looking for Internet packages that are light on the pocket. Jazz Weekly Internet package charges vary depending on the volume of the Internet offered. Here are the details of the weekly Internet packages, including their authenticity and activation code:

Jazz also launched its Wi-Fi and Wingle devices. These devices can be purchased with Mobilink Data SIM, which is designed to offer uninterrupted Internet services to all its customers. Details of the Jazz Data Sim packages offered for these devices are below.

You can buy these MBB devices at your nearest franchise, service center or retailer. All devices are sold with Jazz 4G Internet Data SIM. 4G Wi-Fi Device Rs. The 4500 and Four G Wingle devices are available for Rs. 500. 3500. All bundle prices are tax-inclusive. You can easily recharge your devices through Jazz’s website.

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The Jazz Postpaid Internet Bundle offers you unlimited internet on the go. Whether you are someone who loves music, who likes to stay in touch with your friends and family or you use the Internet for public purposes, the Mobilink Postpaid Internet Package is definitely at affordable prices. We will offer you the best internet services.

Jazz Net Package Jazz internet Packages


Jazz internet Packages
Jazz internet Packages

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