12 Best Funny Answers To – What Are Friends For?

12 Best Funny Answers to “What Are Friends For?

After expressing their gratitude, they tell you, “What are friends for!”

This implies that they’ve played their part as friends.

Your friend, or just a friend, is happy to do something for you, and if you ask them to do it again, they won’t object because they consider it their responsibility.

After all, they see it as their duty.

To make the situation more interesting, we have prepared some ways to respond to this.

“How do you respond to ‘What are friends for’?”

You did something for your friend – expressed your gratitude – and in return, they told you, ‘What are friends for, huh!’

This is evidence that you have a friend who takes care of you.

They did whatever they did, sincerely.

Alright, your temperament and the friendship between you both influence how you can respond to them.

For some thoughts, here are some unique and funny responses as if you’re answering, ‘Friends are for whom?’

1) “Forever, alright?”

A respectful response that completes their statement ‘friends are forever.’

And both of you see it that way.

2) “To weather the storm together, I suppose.”

This friend has helped you in difficult times like no one else has.

And you express your belief that friends are there for this in life.

3) “For financial, emotional, physical, or any kind of help?”

And thus a true friend plays their role in friendship.

This is a respectful response to acknowledge the cooperation provided by them.

4) “To accompany you on Valentine’s Day.”

Because you haven’t found a date yet.

You feel great having someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with without feeling lonely.

In reality, you all need each other.

5) “To lend you money when you’re broke.”

So, you need someone to help you out.

And this is a clever response for a friend to spend time with you, knowing you need a friend for some money now.

6) “Either to steal your food or your girlfriend, maybe.”

A humorous response, suitable for sharing as a joke.

You might tease them lightly because that’s what they do.

Or maybe they’re serious about it.

7) “Oh sorry, are you waiting for my answer to this?”

After asking ‘who are friends for?’, your friend paused.

Then you’ll realize they’re asking you about it verbally.

And they expect you to say something to complete their statement.

8) “To win a street fight. That’s what I know.”

Because in such situations, you can’t call your family or parents.

Only friends are there who know how to play their role correctly.

9) “To do weird and bizarre things that you can’t do with your family or partner.”

For those weird friends who encourage you to do foolish and bizarre things, this is the perfect response.

This way, you express that your friends might be strange but they’re funny.

10) “To showcase ordinary tasks in extraordinary ways.”

You can call them weird or creative, but your friends are just like that.

They never do anything in a simple manner.

Not only that, they also encourage you to do funny things.

11) “I don’t know, you tell me.”

You need to bring out better insights.

So, you immediately ask them to enlighten you about it.

Also, it shows that you want to know how they view this friendship.

12) “Friends are for many things, but in my opinion, this isn’t one of them.”

A sarcastic response expressing surprise at their actions.

They did something in the name of friendship that you never thought they would.

“What does ‘friends are for’ mean?”

Alright, after expressing their gratitude and thanks for their provided help and assistance, you mostly hear ‘what are friends for’.

You’re thanking them.

And they don’t want you to thank them because that’s the rule of friendship.

It’s a gesture from your friends that shows they’re just playing their part in friendship.

They’re saying that this is what most friends do for each other.

So, they’re not sure if they’ve done anything good here.

If you want to say something or have some fun, respond like you’re asking ‘what are friends for?’ and give your answer.

Based on your mood and the level of friendship, you can respond according to the suggestions here.

Just make sure you respond in the right mood.

Because some responses are humorous.

12 Best Funny Answers To - What Are Friends For?
12 Best Funny Answers To – What Are Friends For?

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